Art of the Ancient Near East

Art of the Ancient Near East

Hammer Building, Level 3

The collection consists of over two thousand objects spanning more than four thousand years and an area extending from the eastern Mediterranean to Pakistan, with a particular focus on Iran. Holdings—including cylinder seals, pottery, bronze horse-trappings, silver vessels, and a group of large Assyrian stone reliefs—bear witness to some of the major cultural achievements and historical events associated with the ancient Near East.

Iran, Luristan

Persepolis Relief: A Gift Bearer
Southern Iran, Persepolis
c. 5th century B.C.
Vase with Dancing Female Figures
c. 6th century
Prehistoric Painted Pottery Vessel
Central Iran
c. 5000-4500 B.C.
Seated Female Figure
Northern Afghanistan, Ancient Bactria
c. 2500-1500 B.C.

A Short but Elaborate Journey

Our European galleries continue to reopen in phases—the Dutch collection opened a few months ago, and the Northern Italian and Spanish galleries have just gone on view, with the rest of the collection to open in the summer. It’s been a complicated process as we overhaul the flow of the space on the Ahmanson Building’s third floor...