Costume and Textiles


Costume and Textiles

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The department houses more than twenty thousand objects, representing more than one hundred cultures and two thousand years of human creativity in the textile arts. Particularly well represented are European Renaissance and European and American textiles, accessories and fashionable dress. The department has outstanding collections of Islamic, South and Southeast Asian, and Asian material, including two major Iranian sixteenth-century carpets—the Ardabil and the Coronation. Play a children's game connected to Fashioning Fashion.


Ardabil Carpet
Dated 1539–40
Man's Tunic
Peru, South Coast, Wari Culture
Man's Suit
c. 1760
"Minaret" dress, spring/summer
Issey Miyake

Vogue Magazine Shoots Fashioning Fashion

Lisa Love, senior editor at Vogue Magazine, visits LACMA for a photo shoot featuring some of the costumes in Fashioning Fashion. The photos appeared in the September issue of Vogue.

Two Giants of Silver-Screen Fashion

On the third floor of LACMA’s Art of the Americas Building, in a pair of glass cases, are four remarkable designs from two of America’s foremost mid-20th-century costume designers: Gilbert Adrian of MGM Studios and Howard Greer of Paramount.  

Two Giants of Silver-Screen Fashion

Have you ever pulled your favorite wool coat out of the closet, only to find that some hungry moths had been busily at work during the summer? Given that today is Christmas, and surely the weather is chilly (in other parts of the country, at least), you may have encountered this problem as you’re searching for warm sweaters. And believe it or not, many of the woolen textile objects in LACMA’s collection have suffered the same fate at some point in their history. In fact, there is one such object currently residing in the textile conservation lab: a bright-red military uniform coat from England…