LACMA9 Art+Film Lab

LACMA9 Art+Film Lab

For sixteen months in 2013 and 2014, Southern California communities experienced film as an art form, via the LACMA9 Art+Film Lab. The Art+Film Lab was a pop-up initiative that delivered film culture to the doorsteps of our region, visiting nine communities throughout Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. Delivering free filmmaking workshops, a video-based oral history project, and outdoor movies, the Lab was a successful pop-up art initiative that came alive through community involvement.

The Lab commissioned artist Nicole Miller, who created the video series, "Believing is Seeing," embodying community stories that "deserved to be told." Miller used the Lab's gathered oral histories as a departure point. In addition to community-made works and oral history archives, you'll find stories from our route through blogs on LACMA's Unframed and KCET's Artbound. 

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Image: © 2013 Duncan Cheng
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Sound Art: Looking and Hearing at the LACMA9 Art+Film Lab

How is sound related to vision?

Last month, LACMA premiered a new workshop at the roaming Art+Film Lab that asked participants to do something radical. Montebello residents spent time looking and listening to a two-dimensional work of art from LACMA’s collection, making sense of the painting not just through sight, but using their ears as well. In just 45 short minutes, groups worked together to create spontaneous soundscapes that activated the paintings in new and extraordinary ways.

Nicole Miller’s Believing Is Seeing

Something intangible yet unmistakable in Ndinda Spada’s oral history piqued the interest of artist Nicole Miller. Spada had visited the LACMA9 Art+Film Lab when it was in Redlands and recorded a personal story during the Lab’s drop-in oral history hours. It was a short video, just five minutes, but in it Spada spoke passionately about moving to California from Kenya, and how she found a surrogate family in her church…