Japanese Prints and Photographs: Paths through Modernity

Pavilion for Japanese Art, Juda Gallery
May 21, 2016–September 25, 2016

Prints and photographs share a basic quality: each form involves transferring an image to paper, whether through the impression of an inked plate or the projection of light through film. Japanese Prints and Photographs: Paths Through Modernity opens up the relationship between these media by presenting prints and photographs from Japan that span almost 100 years, from 1917 to the present.

Though modern prints and photographs developed in different directions, the exhibition explores several points of intersection between these media, examining the ways in which Japanese print artists and photographers approached landscape, the city, and abstraction.

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This installation was organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Ikeda Masuo, Star, 1968, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, gift of The Helen and Felix Juda Foundation, © Ikeda Masuo Estate