Artwork 6

Portrait of Guillaume Apollinaire
circa 1904/05
Maurice de Vlaminck

Oil on board on canvas, 21 ¼ x 17 ½ in. (53.98 x 44.45 cm), inscribed (in blue) bottom left, "Vlaminck 1903," Gift of Marion Smooke in memory of her husband Nathan Smooke, © Maurice de Vlaminck, AC1992.285.1.

Portrait of Guillaume Apollinaire

A. P. Vanderpyl, Paris (in 1937).1 [Paul Petrides, Paris].2 [?Perls Galleries (in 1962)].3 Mr. and Mrs. Crawford A. Black, New York (by 1966).4 [Perls Galleries, New York, sold];5 to James J. Shapiro, New York (in 1968–1978),6 sold; through [John and Paul Herring, New York,1978]; to Nathan [d. 1991] and Marion Smooke, Los Angeles (1978–1992), gift 1992 of Marion Smooke to LACMA.


  1. Lender of a painting by Vlaminck entitled Portrait du poète (cat. no. 14), to Les Maîtres de l’Art Indépendant, 1895–1937, Petit Palais, Paris (1937). A. P. Vanderpyl may have been related to the French critic and poet Fritz R. Vanderpyl. Fritz Vanderpyl, like Guillaume Apollinaire, was part of Vlaminck’s inner circle and the group known as the Fauves. Apollinaire was known as "The Poet" by his contemporaries. It is therefore possible that the painting exhibited in 1937 by A. P. Vanderpyl as Portrait du poète is identical with that exhibited by Perls in 1962 as Apollinaire, a name more recognizable to that generation of viewers. Except for this possible citation, the painting is apparently unpublished until 1962. It has not been identified among those paintings purchased from the artist by Vollard in 1910 and found in Vollard’s possession at the time of his death in 1939.
  2. According to Alison Read, Perls Gallery (letter in LACMA files, 1992). Born in Cyprus, Petrides was a British subject and naturalized French citizen. Prewar, Paul Petrides operated a gallery in Paris that specialized in such School of Paris artists as Utrillo and Vlaminck. At the time of his death in the mid-1990s, Petrides was engaged in writing a catalogue raisonné of the work of Vlaminck. That project has now been taken over by the Vlaminck Committee at the Wildenstein Institute, Paris.
  3. According to the OSS report, during the German occupation of Paris (1941–1945), Petrides was one of the most active collaborationist dealers in Paris. For this he was indicted by the French government after the war (Seine Tribunal, Judge Frapier).
  4. The painting is reproduced on p. 176 of the April 1962 edition ofBurlington Magazine, illustrating a short review of the exhibition Vlaminck and the School of Paris at Perls Gallery, New York. The article does not identify the owner, and there does not appear to have been a catalogue of the exhibition. Perls Gallery closed in 1997, depositing its papers with the Archives of American Art, Washington, D.C. Those files are sealed until 2007.
  5. Cited as the lender, The Inner Circle, Milwaukee Art Center, 1966, no. 96. 
  6. Vlaminck: His Fauve Period (New York: Perls Gallery, 1968), no. 1.

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