Lawrence Weiner
Green as Well as Blue as Well as Red
Red and Green and Blue More or Less
Red over and above Green over and above Blue
Red in Relation to Green in Relation to Blue
Red in Lieu of Green in Lieu of Blue
Words painted on wall; variable dimensions
Collection Herbert, Ghent

Lawrence Weiner conceived each of these five sentences as constituting an individual sculpture, which the artist may or may not decide to fabricate. It is a work of art either way. Read them carefully, and see what comes to mind. In these works, meaning is contingent on how you "picture" the phrases at hand. References depend on the viewer, and each observer's imagery may shift with mood and environment. In the context of Beyond Geometry, they could suggest sculptures or very simple, abstract paintings created with elemental colors; they could also describe a landscape. Their meaning is frustratingly elusive, and the images that the phrases evoke, which constantly shift and change, are difficult, if not impossible, to retain. Weiner is providing a lesson in the constantly changing nature of perception and imagination.