Broad Contemporary Art Museum

[de]-lusions of Grandeur, A Performance Project by Liz Glynn

Saturday, October 19, 2013 | 1 pm

The Myth of Man vs. Machine is the third in a five-part cycle titled [de]-lusions of Grandeur by artist Liz Glynn. In this piece, she focuses on two works by Richard Serra that are part of LACMA’s collection: Inverted House of Cards (1969), and Band (2006).

An early work comprised of four massive steel plates balanced against one another, Inverted House of Cards has only been on display at LACMA once before. It will be on view temporarily as part of this performance. The work will be installed on the third floor of BCAM, alongside props used to rehearse the process. Outside BCAM, Glynn invites visitors to move a pile of sandbags equivalent to the weight of Serra’s Band in a display of collective effort.

[de]-lusions of Grandeur is a cycle of performances commissioned by LACMA, in which Liz Glynn considers the process of creating, moving, and erecting large-scale sculptures and the frequently Herculean human efforts necessary to do so. The project considers works from LACMA’s collection and the relationship between human scale and monumental form. The first two performances of this cycle centered on works by August Rodin and Alexander Calder, The Myth of Singularity (January 2013) and The Myth of Getting It Right the First Time (April 2013), respectively. The last two performances take place on December 14, 2013, and January 18, 2014.

BCAM, Level 3 | 15 pm | Free, no reservations

Image: [de]-lusions of Grandeur; The Myth of Getting it Right the First Time (after Alexander Calder), courtesy of the artist and Erica Redling Fine Art.