Exhibition Sponsorship

Take part in making an exhibition possible. Exhibition sponsorship offers your corporation exclusive access to the exhibition's curators and gallery spaces while providing access to LACMA vistors and donors, extensive marketing benefits, high-profile brand recognition, and unique hospitality opportunities. We collaborate with your company throughout the process to create a rewarding and successful experience for your clients, customers, and employees.

Exclusive and shared sponsorship opportunities are available and customizable. Benefits may include: 

  • On-site brand visibility, recognition in press materials, on lacma.org, in e-newsletters, and in LACMA publications
  • Hospitality: private tours, VIP tickets, invitations to exclusive events, and the opportunity to host a private event at the museum
  • Complimentary one-year corporate membership

View our upcoming exhibition sponsorship opportunities.

To learn more about Exhibition Sponsorship, please contact us at corporate@lacma.org or 323 857-6272.