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Curator's Circle | Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the specific changes at each level, and why are these changes being made?

A: We are changing the name of the group, and adding benefits to all levels. The name change more accurately reflects the nature of the group—LACMA no longer has a President, but the group benefits from curator-led tours and close relationships with LACMA curators.

  • Curator’s Circle Members will receive invitations to more curator-led tours, and the new Family Day event
  • Curator’s Circle Patrons will receive an invitation to Director’s Series receptions
  • Curator’s Circle Sponsors will receive an invitation to collection visits, and other behind-the-scenes events

Q: What do my dues support?

A: Your Curator’s Circle dues support exhibitions, concerts, classes, free admission for kids, and community outreach programs. Your generosity makes all these things happen and more—thank you!

  • Community outreach programs reaching more than 350,000 people annually
  • More than 1,000 free gallery tours for the general public
  • Free docent-led tours reaching more than 51,000 schoolchildren throughout the Los Angeles area
  • NexGen, our FREE membership program for kids seventeen and under
  • Free general admission for all on the second Tuesday of each month, and free general admission to L.A. County residents Monday through Friday after 3 pm
  • 41 free Family Sundays each year, reaching more than 18,000 kids and families
  • Conservation of more than 115,000 works in our collection
  • Evenings for Educators program and other professional development programs for teachers that help bring art into the classrooms
  • Our incredibly popular free Friday night Jazz at LACMA program
  • The Maya Mobile and Ancient Art Mobile—our “art trucks” that travel to schools and teach more than 8,000 kids every year about art

Q: Did the tax deduction change for the various levels?

A: Yes, and because of the high impact certain benefits have on your tax deductibility, we have decided to move passes and catalogues to Additional Premiums option available at each level.

Here are the new tax-deductible amounts for each level.

  • Curator’s Circle Member $1,980 (With additional premiums)  $1,543
  • Curator’s Circle Patron $4,420 (With additional premiums) $3,710
  • Curator’s Circle Sponsor $9,240 (With additional premiums) $8,040

Q: I just renewed my President’s Circle membership. What does this mean for me?

A: You’ll receive all the additional benefits as of July 1, 2013, and continue to receive old benefits like passes until you renew and decide whether you want to receive additional premiums. Don’t worry if your membership cards have the President’s Circle name—you’ll still receive all the new benefits.

Q: How does the LACMA membership parking pass work?

A: Members at the Dual level ($110) and above (which includes Curator’s Circle) may purchase a LACMA membership parking pass for $70 at any LACMA Ticket Office or by calling 323 857-6010. With the parking pass, you can park one car for free whenever you visit LACMA during museum hours through the duration of your membership year. The LACMA parking lots are for LACMA visits only. Once you’ve purchased the pass, simply stop by the Ticket Office on your way to the galleries to get your free validation. Your details are in the system at the Ticket Office—there are no physical passes that you need to carry. Please note: the LACMA membership parking pass does not guarantee that a parking spot will be available.

Q: How many general admission guest passes do I receive with my membership and how do they work?

A: General admission guest passes will only be sent to those in Curator’s Circle who opt for the additional premium.  They will be mailed to you in your welcome packet when you join or renew. Members must accompany their guests on visits.

Q: What is LACMA’s global arts travel program?

A: LACMA’s art councils have enjoyed travel with LACMA curators and staff for years, and now we are expanding the program to include all members at the Partner-level and above. You’ll travel in style to museums and private collections throughout the world, with experts in the field.  Curator’s Circle will have priority access to these trips.

Q: May I decline benefits?

A: Yes. If you’d like to decline all benefits and receive a 100% tax deduction on your membership gift, you can check the box on your renewal reply form, or contact the Curator’s Circle office at 323 857-6559.

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