Decorative Arts and Design Council


Decorative Arts and Design Council

The Decorative Arts and Design Council promotes interest in the decorative arts and design while raising funds from LACMA's collection, which contains more than 4,400 objects, spanning from the medieval period to today. DADC programs offer special access to the collection and encourage the development of connoisseurship skills. Members enjoy benefits of a lecture series, book-signings, and curator-led tours of the museum's galleries and special exhibitions, as well as the chance to participate in travel programs. Patron members and above also gain access to smaller, more intimate events such as tours of collectors' homes and artists' studios.

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           $1,000 ($826 is tax deductible)                        
DA2: Decorative Arts and Design Acquisition Committee      $5,000 ($4,580 is tax deductible)                                                                

*A Friend-level museum membership or above is required to join an art council.

Marcel Breuer; Isokon Furniture Co. Ltd., Long Chair, 1935–36, Decorative Arts and Design Council Fund.