East Asian Art Council

East Asian Art Council

The East Asian Art Council promotes Chinese, Korean, and Japanese art—each essential aspects of the museum's collection. With increased permanent gallery space for Chinese and Korean art and upcoming major special exhibitions, the opportunities for the EAAC have never been greater. LACMA boasts an extensive Chinese collection, a comprehensive Korean collection with a rich array of paintings, and has one of the strongest Japanese art collections in the country. The EAAC has aided these departments in acquiring some of their most important works. Members of the EAAC enjoy special lectures, workshops, and seminars; private collection tours and curator-led gallery walkthroughs; and occasional council-sponsored trips to such destinations as Hawaii, China, or Korea. 

More Info: 323 857-6528 | eaac@lacma.org

Membership* $1,000 ($826 is tax deductible)                  

*A Friend-level museum membership or above is required to join an art council.

Sakai Doitsu, Irises (detail), late 19th-early 20th century, gift of the Far Eastern Art Council.