An Afternoon with the Ahn Sook Sun Ensemble

Saturday, September 27, 2014 | 1 pm

Sook Sun Ahn, one of the living cultural assets of South Korea, performs with her ensemble special selections of traditional music of Korea featuring Heungboga, one of the five great works of the Pansori tradition, a style of musical drama that has been passed on orally without formal musical notation. Sook Sun Ahn is the official preserver of Important Intangible Cultural Property No. 23: Gayageum (a Korean traditional 12 string plucked instrument) Sanjo and Gayageum Byeongchang. Gayageum Sanjo indicates a Gayageum solo accompanied by drumming on the Janggu, a traditional double-headed drum, and Gayageum Byeongchang means singing Pansori or other folk songs with self-accompaniment of the Gayageum.

Ahn has performed at prestigious festivals including Lincoln Center Festival, Tokyo Music Festival, Edinburgh International Festival, and Isang Yun Music Festival in Pyeongyang, North Korea. She is currently the artistic director of Korean National Gugak Center.

This concert is part of Korea Day celebrating the exhibition Treasures from Korea: Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392–1910. The day also includes a lecture by art historian Song-mi Yi and a Korean Tea Ceremony by tea master Youngmi Yi.

LACMA, Bing Theater
Free; tickets required
Tickets: 323 857-6010 or reserve online.
Note: Space is limited. First come, first served.
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This event has been made possible with the support of the Korea Foundation.

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