Talk: Gallery Talk: The Art of Looking—Greek Goddesses: Reconstructed & Deconstructed

12:30 pm | Thu, November 9, 2017
BP Grand Entrance

Wealthy ancient Greeks and Romans considered it their civic duty to dedicate statues of gods and goddesses to decorate their cities. This discussion will focus on how two Roman sculptures of the goddesses Athena and Hygieia might have been used, decorated, and seen in antiquity. We will then look at their history and conservation as we trace their path to the museum’s gallery. Engage in a lively conversation and debate on viewing ancient art by contemporary audiences.  

Join LACMA's director of school and teacher programs Veronica Alvarez for this discussion.

LACMA | BP Grand Entrance
Free and open to the public
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Image: The Hope Hygieia, Italy, Ostia (?) or Rome, Roman, 2nd-century copy, c. 130–161, after a Greek original of c. 360 BCE, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, William Randolph Hearst Collection

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