Nicole Miller: Believing Is Seeing + Redbelt

Sunday, November 10, 2013 | 12 pm

For this new work, artist Nicole Miller, commissioned by the museum as part of the San Bernardino Art + Film Lab, uses oral histories provided by members of the community as a departure point. Titled Believing Is Seeing, this series explores unique perspectives from San Bernardino through stories "that residents feel deserve to be told."  Drop in anytime between noon and 1:30 pm to discover this new project.

To screen after her work, Miller chose the David Mamet film, Redbelt.  The film focuses on a martial arts instructor who blindly follows a code of morality and a notion of "doing the right thing,” in the face of corruption, exploitation and deceit.  The protagonist’s belief in redemption mirrors the faith of the viewer that the film’s narrative will pay off in the end.

Believing Is Seeing (2013, 14 minutes, looping from 12–1:30 pm). Artist: Nicole Miller |  Redbelt (2008, 99 minutes, 35 mm, 1:30–3 pm). Director: David Mamet

Bing Theater | Free, no reservations

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