Talk: Daniel Joseph Martinez in Conversation with Juli Carson: "Blow Up the White House"

7 pm | Mon, March 27, 2017
Bing Theater

"Blow Up the White House"
Behind Every Work of Art Lies an Uncommitted Crime

Or How to Explain Love to a Dead President
The Medium of Resistance

An artist and a theorist speculate on the intersection of heresy and hysteria as an emergent new form of discursive resistance.

If the advances of the 80s culture war and recent Supreme Court civil rights victories are reversed by executive mandate, are we headed toward the kind of violent revolution that entail general strikes and martial law? If so, the following questions apply. When a republic is unraveling, what is critical production? When acts that were once considered legal are now decreed crimes, is art the last stop between freedom and abyss? And what of love? How can it be reimagined as the medium of resistance?

LACMA | Bing Theater
Free and open to the public
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This program in co-­sponsored by LACMA, USC's Roski School of Art and Design, and the Handtmann Photography Lecture Series.

Image: Daniel Joseph Martinez, SUBLIME BRICK for Civil Disobedience, edition of 1,000,000, 2017, image courtesy of Daniel Joseph Martinez


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