Members: Member Preview—Shahn, Mooney, and the Apotheosis of American Labor

11 am | Fri, July 20, 2018
Resnick Pavilion

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Shahn, Mooney, and the Apotheosis of American Labor celebrates one of Ben Shahn’s significant early social commentaries, Apotheosis, 1932–33, recently acquired by LACMA. The most famous socially-concerned artist in Depression-era New York City, Shahn created searing indictments that were essential to the political scene of the time. This exhibition includes assorted political cartoons, pamphlets, and films, alongside Shahn’s artistic response, including a selection of gouaches from the Mooney series and documentary photographs that inspired the artist.

There are two additional Member Previews for this exhibition (July 19–21). 

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Image: Protest stamps for Mooney (detail), 1920–30s, Rare Book Collection, Lillian Goldman Law Library, Yale Law School [Flickr/cc by 2.0]

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