Talk: Reciprocal Biomimicry with Jonathon Keats

Saturday, August 23, 2014 | 1 pm

In recent years, engineers have designed body armor based on beetle shells and applied the physics of butterfly wings to computer screens. Biomimicry—the imitation of elements in nature—is a design approach that has served humanity, yet reciprocal benefits have not been extended to those organisms from whom we borrow inspiration.

In this informal presentation, artist and "experimental philosopher" Jonathon Keats discusses the potential for adaptation of human technologies to address key problems faced by other species, using an approach he calls reciprocal biomimicry. He shows models and prototypes including space suits for crustaceans and GPS for birds.

LACMA, Art + Technology Lab, Art of the Americas Building  | 1–4 pm
Free and open to the public
Note: Talk takes place 1–2 pm; drop-in session takes place 2–4 pm
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Image: Jonathon Keats, Mollusk Spacesuit (Experimental Prototype for the Reciprocal Biomimicry Initiative), 2014, image: Jonathon Keats


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