Ricardo Lemvo

Saturday, August 30, 2014 | 5 pm

Ricardo Lemvo has established himself as a pioneer with his innovative music. Lemvo’s blend of Afro-Cuban rhythms with pan-African styles (soukous, Angolan semba, and kizomba) has been described by the Los Angeles Times as “seamless and infectious.” This Congo-born artist of Angolan ancestry is the embodiment of Afro-Latin diaspora, which connects back to Mother Africa via the Cuban clave rhythm. Since forming his Los Angeles–based band, Makina Loca, in 1990, Lemvo has refined his craft and vision, raising his joyous voice with strength, singing songs that celebrate life, and most importantly, inspiring his audiences to let loose and dance away their worries.

Presented as part of Latin Sounds, taking place every Saturday from May 24 to August 30. Check out the full schedule of upcoming concerts.

LACMA, Hancock Park
Free and open to the public

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Image: Jeannie Jalbert

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