Families: On-Site: Compton—Vision and Transcendence: Mask Making

1 pm | Tue, March 28, 2017

Vision and Transcendence: Mask Making  (Two-part workshop) 

The exhibition The Inner Eye: Vision and Transcendence in African Arts looks at various examples of African masks and how they possess different characteristics and functions. Some are used to channel spirits or promote fertility, and others to promote the wellbeing or protect individuals and communities from misfortune and peril.

Compare and contrast the eyes and their gaze in these masks. How do these gazes differ and how might that be connected to their role? How do the distinct characteristics shift your perceptions from one mask to the next? In what ways do the wood, pigments, and natural fibers contribute to the physical and supernatural qualities of the masks?

Make your own mask using a palm bark by considering specific expressions or features. The class will add features, patterns, and textures to further enhance their mask’s character and identity.

Compton | East Rancho Dominguez Community Center and Park
Free and open to the public
Note: This program takes place off-site on 15116 S. Atlantic Avenue Compton, CA 90221

This project is supported by a grant from The James Irvine Foundation. 

Beete Mask: Ram (Bata),Gabon, Kwele peoples, early-mid 19th century, private collection, photography by Peter Zeray, The Photograph Studio, The Metropolitan Museum of Art



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