Off-Site Film: LACMA9 Shorts Program I

Friday, May 23, 2014 | 8 pm
Total running time: 87 min.

A collection of short animations, narratives, essay films, and experimental works by Los Angeles–based filmmakers.

2011, three minutes, not rated
Directed by Jessica Poon

In this hand-drawn animation, a mommy water droplet sends off her child into the world with some parting advice: “The river you don’t know is full of adventure, but also danger.”

2012, 11 minutes, not rated
Directed by Victor Hugo Duran

It’s the Fourth of July in South Los Angeles. A teenage boy and his younger brother join forces to win over the affection of a group of girls. What will they risk revealing in the fireworks’ sparkle?

Everybody's Nuts 
2009, 12 minutes, not rated
Directed by Fabian Euresti

Spanish, with English subtitles

Filmed in Kern County, California, filmmaker Euresti narrates his family’s story of toil and labor while working on the land. A series of beautifully lonely agricultural landscapes reveal the connection between commerce, oil, and groundwater.

Uncertainty Principle
2012, 18 minutes, not rated
Directed by Kelly Sun Kim 

A hybrid of staged performances and undirected shots, Uncertainty Principle is an experimental narrative that traverses a labyrinth of individual and group unconscious. The film’s lush score, by composers Ivan Camares, Heather Lockie, and Bulbs, equals its visual musings.

Where Ya At
2013, 31 minutes, not rated
Directed by Kwesi Johnson

On the day of his meeting with a powerful record executive, Konold, a naïve rapper, develops a chance friendship with Paul, a wide-eyed visitor from Kenya. The two explore Los Angeles together and discover common ground in music.

Note: Includes strong language

Wonder Hospital 
2010, 12 minutes, not rated
Directed by Beomsik Shimbe Shim

Baited by the “after” images seen on ads for plastic surgery, a girl journeys through the wards of a surreal “wonder hospital” that promises to change the perception of physical beauty. In the end, she discovers something unimaginable—and irreversible.

In conjunction with the Compton Art+Film Lab presented by LACMA, watch a diverse selection of outdoor films—Hollywood classics, independents, and international films that are sure to capture your imagination. 

Lueders Park, Compton | 8 pm

Free and open to the public
Note: Lueders Park is located at 1500 East Rosecrans Avenue, Compton, 90021.

Image: courtesy of Victor Hugo Duran

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