Off-Site Film: LACMA9 Shorts Program II

Friday, September 5, 2014 | 8 pm
Total runnung time: 101 minutes

Short films are nimble shape shifters, embodying a latitude of expression that longer works often cannot. LACMA9 presents a collection of all ages-friendly shorts, from beloved children's classics to auteur films celebrating people and places. 

2012, 20 minutes, not rated
Directed by John Warren

Shot on a handheld camera, Sunset takes the viewer on an epic sweep through Sunset Boulevard, from the early morning surf of Pacific Coast Highway to the heart of Olvera Street.

2012, 10 minutes, not rated
Directed by Tony Halbrooks; with Mallory Mahoney, Jonny Mars, and Augustine Frizzell

Crowded with color and stunning stills, Dig is the short story of a young girl enduring a father's mania. He must deal with the repercussions of retaining his childlike curiosity in front of disapproving neighbors and confused kids. Can it just be a hole?

She Look Good 
2013, 16 minutes, not rated
Directed by Carly Short

A microcosm of life in a fishing village on the Eastern seaboard, She Look Good renders the sights and sounds of men at sea, as well as familial bonds back home.

The Seawall 
2010, nine minutes, not rated

Directed by Mason Richards; with Marjorie Arthur and Malachi Hamilton
On the eve of his relocation to the U.S., a young boy spends time with his British-Guyanese grandma.

Everybody's Nuts 
2009, 12 minutes, not rated
Directed by Fabian Euresti
Spanish, with English subtitles

Filmed in Kern County, California, filmmaker Euresti narrates his family’s story of working on the land. A series of beautifully lonely agricultural landscapes reveal the connection between commerce, oil, and groundwater.

2006, two min., unrated
Directed by Thorbjorg Jonsdottir

An old-timey cabin, a hobo whose beard billows in the wind, and buffalos grazing in the wild. Consisting of a few handheld shots, Buffalo explores the borders of reality and fiction, presence and past, and memories reconstructed.

They Also Serve
2012, 11 min., unrated
Directed by Michael Meehan

Liz prepares a welcome-home party for her son Bobby, who returns from combat today. With only a few finishing touches left, and the moment of reunion approaching, Liz feels justifiably anxious. But something unspoken is wrong. As the reunion draws near, underlying tensions reach a fever pitch.

2010, one min., unrated
Directed by Kelly Sun Kim

In this stark, multi-exposure film, a woman and her double slowly ascend an A-frame ladder, meeting at the top. A statement about forgiveness, Kim's film renders the inward process of reconciliation into a stunning, visual metaphor.

The Shooting Star Salesman
2012, 20 minutes
Directed by Kico Velarde; written by William Camacho II and Joel Caballos; with Yancey Arias and Elijah Velarde

An ageless man has an extraordinary ability to sell anyone their very own shooting star. The only problem is that the buyer must truly believe in the magic. In this modern time of skepticism, that is no easy task.

In conjunction with the Torrance Art + Film Lab presented by LACMA, watch a diverse selection of films—international classics, shorts, independents, and animated films—that are sure to capture your imagination. 

Charles H. Wilson Park, Torrance | 8 pm
Free and open to the public
Note: Charles H. Wilson Park is located at 2200 Crenshaw Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90501 

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