Tour: Wu Bin’s Ten Views of a Lingbi Stone (20 minutes)

2:30 pm | Fri, April 27, 2018

The exhibition focuses on the most extraordinary painting of a stone ever created in China: Wu Bin’s Ten Views of a Lingbi Stone (1610), a Ming dynasty handscroll comprising 10 separate views of a single stone from the famous site of Lingbi, Anhui Province. Also including superb examples of Lingbi and Taihu stones and contemporary Chinese ink paintings depicting stones, this exhibition explores the history of collecting strange stones in China and the relationship between stones, Daoist cosmology, and classical Chinese poetry.

LACMA | Resnick Pavilion
Free, with general admission
Note: This tour meets near the BP Grand Entrance
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Image: Wu Bin, Ten Views of a Lingbi Stone, China, Ming dynasty, Wanli reign, 1610, © Ornan Rotam, courtesy Slyph Editions

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