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Hassan Hajjaj: My Rock Stars Experimental, Volume 1, 2012


December 21, 2013 - January 18, 2015
Ahmanson Building, Level 4
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This three-channel video installation by Hassan Hajjaj includes nine separately filmed performances by an international array of musicians. The sitters/performers wear clothes that Hajjaj has designed himself, and pose in spaces covered by patterns he has selected. Clad in traditional fabrics, as well as luxury brand clothes and shoes, the musicians bridge the gap between now and then, us and them, high and low culture, reflecting a fusion of Moroccan craftsmanship and contemporary art.

Hajjaj, born in 1961 in Larache, Morocco, moved to London in 1975, and now divides his time between London and Marrakesh. Best known as a photographer, he also employs video. His work depicts a globalized society that pushes and blurs the boundaries of cultural identity—whether African, Arab, or Western.

My Rock Stars Experimental Volume 1, 2012, Purchased with funds provided by Art of the Middle East: CONTEMPORARY, M.2013.81.

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March 1-16, 2015


Mitra Tabrizian, Tehran 2006, 2006, gift of the Buddy Taub Foundation, Jill and Dennis A. Roach, Directors, through the 2014 Collectors Committee, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, M.2014.67

IRAN: the name simultaneously evokes a land of ancient monuments, brilliantly tiled mosques, black chador-clad women, and the stern, bearded visage of Ayatollah Khomeini, personifying the 1979 Islamic Revolution and its aftermath. Iran is all of these things and much more. For the veteran world traveler, Iran often remains as one of those unchecked boxes, until now. Join LACMA on a customized trip, tailored to the art-lover, and balancing spectacular ancient and Islamic sites with the lively contemporary art scene of Tehran. The trip will be led by LACMA curator Linda Komaroff, whose knowledge of and enthusiasm for Iranian art and culture will help make this an unforgettable experience.

For further information please call 323-857-6011.

Islamic Galleries Closing


October 19, 2014
Islamic Galleries, Ahmanson Building, Level 4

Highlights from the collection will be traveling internationally for several years beginning with Chile and Mexico in 2015. Please come and say goodbye.

Islamic Art Now:

Contemporary Art of the Middle East (Part 1)


Opening in late January 2015
Ahmanson Building, Level 4

As the first of a two-part program, this exhibition features approximately 35 works by artists from Iran and the Arab world, such as Shirin Neshat, Susan Hefuna, Lalla Essaydi, Mitra Tabrizian, Mona Hatoum, Sadik Alfraji, Wafaa Bilal, Barbad Golshiri, and Youssef Nabil, among others. Encompassing a variety of media, including photography, painting, video, and sculpture, the installation explores themes of tradition, war and politics, gender and modern life, and death in the contemporary Middle East.

Susan Hefuna, Woman Behind Mashrabiya I, 1997, Purchased with funds provided by Ann Colgin and Joe Wender, Kelvin Davis, John and Carolyn Diemer, Andy Gordon and Carlo Brandon, Deborah McLeod, and David and Mary Solomon through the 2013 Collectors Committee, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, M.2013.125

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