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Inspired by the transparency of LACMA's original Art and Technology Program (1967-71), the Art + Technology Lab employs a practice of openness and dissemination. While the original program’s 76 artist projects were thoroughly documented in a near 400 page report, the Lab’s contemporary approach is ongoing and adapted to the digital realm. Here is documentation of the Lab’s artist projects and public programs including code and data, essays, event and lecture transcripts, images and video, legal documents, project websites, proposals, reports and more. 

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Michael Mandiberg and Lior Zalmanson

Thursday, May 25, 2017
Event and Lecture Transcripts

Artist Michael Mandiberg and artist/researcher Lior Zalmanson discuss the connection between digital arts and online labor including its recent manifestations: crowdsourcing and the gig economy.

Andrew Max Maxwell and Casey Reas
March 3, 2015 
Event and Lecture Transcripts 

Lab advisor and poet Andrew Max Maxwell and artist Casey Reas consider the role of code and systems in art practice 

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, Joseph Delappe, and Marita Sturken 
October 22, 2015
Event and Lecture Transcripts 

Artists Gabriel Barcia-Colombo and Joseph Delappe and scholar Marita Sturken consider the new forms that memory and memorials take on in the digital age. 

Aram Bartholl and Kathy Rae Huffman
April 26, 2016
Event and Lecture Transcripts 

Conceptual artist Aram Bartholl examines the relationship between the digital and physical world with his installations, performances, and sculptures. In conversation with curator Kathy Rae Huffman, Bartholl discusses the convergence of the physical and the virtual with respect to urban space in his work and considers how digital landmarks and customs translate to urban culture.

Robert Whitman
May 19, 2015 
Event and Lecture Transcripts 

Robert Whitman discusses the path from his earlier performances involving telex, telephone booths, and live radio, to more recent works using mobile video and live web broadcast 

Hassan Elahi and Annina Rüst
November 12, 2015
Event and Lecture Transcripts 

Artists Hasan Elahi and Annina Rüst consider the culture and ecosystems of pervasive surveillance and the control of information and privacy.  

Annina Rüst and Micol Hebron
April 9, 2015
Event and Lecture Transcripts

Artist and professor Micol Hebron and Art + Technology Lab grant recipient Annina Rüst discuss their respective data visualization projects, the history of feminist protest in art, and women’s underrepresentation in creator roles in art, technology, and culture 

UBERMORGEN, Chris Cantwell, and Chris Rogers
July 19, 2016
Event and Lecture Transcripts 

Swiss–Austrian–American artist duo UBERMORGEN and writer cum producers Chris Cantwell and Chris Rogers discuss media hacktivsim in practice and as depicted in popular culture.

Rebecca Allen and Scott Fisher
January 22, 2015
Event and Lecture Transcripts 


Media artist Rebecca Allen and interactive media pioneer Scott Fisher discuss the artistic potential of virtual environments and realities