LENS: Photography Council

LENS: Photography Council

LENS: Photography Council (formerly known as the Photographic Arts Council) is the re-imagined support council of the Wallis Annenberg Photography Department. LENS members join LACMA curators in a series of studio visits with emerging Los Angeles-based photographers, culminating in annual acquisitions for the museum’s permanent collection. LENS grants members a unique way to engage with curators and artists with special access to the studios of the most exciting emerging local talents in photography. Each year the council hosts a celebration with the artists whose works have been acquired. Studio visits for the 2014-15 year of LENS include: Eve Fowler, John Houck, Anthony Lepore, Paul Pescador, Kathy Suder, and Jennifer West.

More Info: 323 857-6558 | LENS@lacma.org

$1,000 ($826 is tax deductible)                        

 *A Friend-level museum membership or above is required to join an art council.

Limited Edition Prints

The Photographic Arts Council worked with celebrated and emerging artists to commission prints to benefit the Wallis Annenberg Photography Department. Below are some of the prints that are still available for purchase. For more information, please contact 323 857-6558 or LENS@lacma.org.

Katy Grannan                                                         Anthony Hernandez


Todd Hido                                                                                          Mona Kuhn


David Maisel                                                            Daido Moriyama



Ken Gonzales-Day: Profiled

This artist book is a (Photographic Arts Council) PAC Prize edition, published by the Wallis Annenberg Photography Department. The PAC Prize acknowledges the central role played by books in the history of photography. To purchase a book, please contact 323 857-6183 or webstore@lacma.org.