LACMA Local: LACMA Local: Ice Breaker

8 pm | Sat, April 1, 2017
Resnick Pavilion

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Local: Ice Breaker invites Locals to participate in a get-to-know-you game inside the galleries. Prompted by an emcee, Locals will divide into small groups based on simple prompts. Within each grouping, Locals will be given a question to break the ice and get some conversation started. After a few minutes, the groups will be rearranged, and a new question given.

After an hour of ice breakers, Locals are invited to view two exhibitions in the Resnick Pavilion with their new friends.

Locals are encouraged to arrive early and purchase beverages at Stark Bar before it closes at 8 pm. Please note that this event will last approximately two hours and Locals will remain standing or moving for the duration of the event.

Capacity is restricted to members of LACMA Local.

LACMA | Resnick Pavilion
Free to attend; reservations required | LACMA Local members only
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