Modern and Contemporary Art Council

Modern and Contemporary Art Council

The Modern and Contemporary Art Council (MCAC) supports the acquisition of contemporary art for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and provides membership activities, primarily educational in nature, that serve to develop and enhance an informed audience for, and community of collectors of, modern and contemporary art. The MCAC celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011 and is one of the longest-running support groups for contemporary art at any museum in the country. Since its founding, the MCAC has been the premier educational and social organization for collectors and admirers of world-wide cutting-edge art for more than four decades. Historically, the council’s dues have been the only continuous source of support for contemporary art acquisitions at LACMA. The council’s patronage is truly the cornerstone of LACMA’s contemporary art holdings. The council’s general membership activities include educational and informative conversations in galleries, private homes, and at the museum with renowned and emerging artists, noted critics, curators, and art historians; exciting day trips to private collections, artists’ studios, and special art spaces; exceptional culturally focused national travel program; exclusive private museum tours, followed by dinners with our curators.

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Membership* $1,000 ($826 is tax deductible)                   
AHAN: Studio Forum
$5,000 ($4,478 is tax deductible)                

 *A Friend-level museum membership or above is required to join an art council.

Roy Lichtenstein, Cold Shoulder, 1963, gift of Robert H. Halff through
the Modern and Contemporary Art Council, © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein.