Music Playlist

William Eggleston: Democratic Camera—Photographs and Video, 1961–2008

In conjunction with the exhibition William Eggleston: Democratic Camera—Photographs and Video, 1961–2008, LACMA assembled this iTunes music playlist.

Many musicians have been inspired by Eggleston's photos over the years. The playlist features a compilation of songs taken from a selection of albums containing one of his images as the album's cover. The albums range from Big Star's Radio City released in 1974, featuring Eggleston's famous "red ceiling" to Spoon's most recent albumTransference, released in 2010, which features the photograph entitledSumner, Mississippi, c. 1969–1971.

The songs act as an audio companion to Eggleston's visual world, and evoke the feeling of southern life and moody tone expressed in both the songs and the images.

Feel free to download and listen while walking through the galleries.

Image: Untitled (Peaches), William Eggleston, 1973 © Eggleston Artistic Trust, courtesy Cheim & Read, New York.