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Mobile Tour

Use your iPhone or Android device* inside the exhibition to access exclusive content. The LACMA app includes additional information about 20 highlights from the Van Gogh to Kandinsky exhibition, some with audio commentary by the exhibition curators, as well as information about other exhibitions, works of art, and events on campus.

Before You Arrive:

  • Get the LACMA app on iTunes or Google Play.  

  • We recommend that you bring headphones with you to enjoy the audio commentary and avoid disrupting the experience of other guests.  

Once You Are Here: 

  • Switch to the museum's free Wi-Fi network. In settings, look for lacma-free-wifi.

  •  Launch the app and select "Tour" from the menu.
  • Throughout the exhibition, you will see a special icon next to certain works of art. Enter the two digit number you see there using the keypad in the Tour section of the app.

*For iPhone 4S and higher using iOS 7, or Android devices using OS 4.1 or higher.