Mural Remix: Sandra de la Loza

Ahmanson Building, Level 2
October 15, 2011–January 22, 2012

Sandra de la Loza, founder of the Pocho Research Society of Erased and Invisible History, presents a visual ‘mashup’ by sampling obscure and forgotten details in murals produced during the 1970s. Taking the role of a performative archivist, she extracts and manipulates archival material to create a multi-media installation that provides a constantly shifting view of Chicano muralism. Through an experimental video documentary, she opens the material and conceptual bounds in which we see and understand the mural by exploring this history in relationship to L.A. urbanism, countercultural aesthetics and art as a social practice. Lightboxes and a video installation further explore aesthetic strategies utilized during this era and link this history to contemporary artistic production. The video installation was created in collaboration with Joseph Santarromana, and includes action portraits by contemporary artists Fabian Debora, Roberto del Hoyo, Raul Gonzalez, Liliflor, Sonji, and Timoi.

Mural Remix is part of the multi-part exhibition cycle L.A. Xicano, organized by the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, which presents the artistic contributions of Mexican-American and Chicano artists to American art and to Los Angeles’s artistic development. The project is an organizational collaboration that will culminate in four concurrent exhibitions to be held at the Autry National Center, the Fowler Museum at UCLA, and LACMA.

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Pacific Standard Time is an unprecedented collaboration of more than sixty cultural institutions across Southern California, coming together to tell the story of the birth of the LA art scene. Initiated through grants from the Getty Foundation, Pacific Standard Time will take place for six months beginning October 2011. Sponsors

Image: Sandra de la Loza, study for Raza Mural Remix installation, 2010. Digital file. © Sandra de la Loza.

Mural Remix; Untitled Mural in East Los Angeles, CA by Ernesto de la Loza & Richard "Lil Man" Ruiz (After the Riots)
Sandra de la Loza
Untitled, Mural in East Los Angeles, CA
Ernesto de la Loza & Richard "Lil Man" Ruiz
Mural Remix; Unknown, Believed to be by José A. Gallegos
Sandra de la Loza
Detail of Mural in East Los Angeles, CA
José A. Gallegos

Mural Remix: Q&A with Sandra de la Loza

Mural Remix: Sandra de la Loza is LACMA’s fifth contribution to the Pacific Standard Time initiative and one in a series featured in the multi-venue exhibition cycle L.A. Xicano. Chon Noriega, director of the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center and adjunct curator at LACMA, spoke with artist Sandra de la Loza about Mural Remix and activating the history of Chicano muralism in Los Angeles...