Unframed - Pierre Huyghe

Pierre Huyghe at LACMA: Arts Reporting as Embedded Journalism
February 18, 2015

I stand at the mouth of the gallery. It gapes.

And still I stand. I have been hired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to announce each patron’s name as they walk in.

“Susan Choi!”

“Douglas Martini”

“Yi Sun Kim!”

A litany of sounds. Mostly they’ve stopped having meaning. Mostly, they never had meaning in the first place.

Human, Pierre Huyghe’s Dog-in-Residence
November 26, 2014

Drop by the Resnick Pavilion at LACMA in the next three months, and you might notice a few unusual elements in the exhibition Pierre Huyghe. One of the most dynamic of them is Human, an Ibizan hound who’s also a work of art. Huyghe has long used animals and flora, ranging from fish to palms to even deer, in his work. The living components in Huyghe's work add to the fact that nothing remains static—both sum of parts (the discrete objects) and whole (the exhibition itself) constantly shift based on the rhythms expressed in the space.