Education Staff

Education Staff

Veronica Alvarez
Director of School & Teacher Programs

Kristin Bengtson
Manager of Gallery Learning & Senior Content Specialist

Jose Blondet
Associate Curator of Special Initiatives

Jane Burrell
Senior VP of Education & Public Programs

Emily Craig
Docent Council Coordinator for School and Public Tours

Amy Dillon
Senior Public Programs Coordinator

Patricia Esquivel
Education Coordinator, Art Classes and Art Camp

Holly Gillette
EducationManager, Mobile Programs

Derek Gougis
Education Coordinator, Ancient World and Maya Mobiles

David Hernandez
Public Programs Coordinator

Sarah Jesse
Associate VP of Education, Family, Youth, School and Community Programs

Mary Lenihan
Director of Adult Programs

Eduardo Sanchez
Education Content Specialist, Ancient World and Maya Mobiles

Karen Satzman
Director of Youth & Family Programs

Lara Schilling
Education Coordinator, Evenings for Educators and Art + Film Institute

Amber Smith
Public Programs Coordinator

Albert Valdez
Education Coordinator, LACMA On-site

Julia Velasquez
Education Coordinator, NexGen Programs

Alicia Vogl Saenz
Senior Education Coordinator, Family Days