Contemporary@LACMA brings together collectors and enthusiasts to help foster the growth of the museum’s international contemporary art collection through thoughtfully considered acquisitions. The group acquires the best in contemporary art from a global perspective, while maintaining the museum’s commitment to building a collection that reflects the diversity of Los Angeles.

At an annual acquisitions meeting, Contemporary@LACMA members discuss and vote on artworks proposed by a rotating panel of LACMA curators, then celebrate works acquired over an intimate dinner. By making these acquisitions possible, members gain insight into today’s dynamic and evolving art world, while playing an invaluable role in the growth of the museum’s international contemporary holdings—further affirming LACMA’s place among the world’s great museums. 

Contemporary@LACMA members also enjoy access to exclusive international events, such as major art fairs and LACMA-hosted festivities in compelling destinations.


Annual dues: $10,000 | $25,000
More Information: 323 857-4798 |