Artists on Art - About the Series

LACMA's Artists on Art videos offer insights into works in the museum's encyclopedic collection that have inspired and informed artists working today. Looking at art through their eyes, we hear directly from artists about works that intrigue them and have fed their own creativity.


Aaron Curry on Pablo Picasso

Ed Ruscha on Marcel Duchamp

Gajin Fujita on Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

Helen Pashgian on Georges de La Tour

Mark Grotjahn on John McLaughlin

Mark Lee on El Lissitzky

Pae White on Christopher Dresser

Peter Shelton on Shiva's Family

Roy Dowell on Dance Paddle

Thomas Demand on Water Container for Tea Ceremony



Alison Saar on Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Betye Saar on Ceremonial Board

Catherine Opie on Thomas Eakins

Jacob Samuel on Albrecht Dürer

James Welling on László Moholy-Nagy

John Baldessari on René Magritte

Judy Fiskin on Lee Friedlander

Mario Ybarra, Jr. on Edward Kienholz

Thomas Houseago on Tony Smith

Tom Knechtel on Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo