LACMA Local: Bradford

10 am | Sat, March 3, 2018
Resnick Pavilion

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Join other Locals and museum educators Alicia Vogl Saenz and Holly Gillette for an hour-long discussion about Mark Bradford’s monumental painting 150 Portrait Tone. This work was conceived after the fatal shooting of Philando Castile by a police officer in Saint Paul, Minnesota, July 2016. Castile was shot after being pulled over in his car—an incident that was livestreamed on Facebook by Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, who was sitting in the passenger seat next to him. The text in the painting repeats excerpts of Reynolds’s dialogue from the video. Art reflects the society in which it is made, and Bradford’s painting acts as a door into a rich conversation about current events. Alicia and Holly will guide LACMA Locals through slow looking and small group conversation inspired by this powerful artwork.

This event has limited capacity and is for LACMA Local members only. 

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LACMA Local members only
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