Sharon Lockhart | Noa Eshkol

BCAM, Level 2
June 4, 2012–September 9, 2012

The newest work by renowned Los Angeles artist Sharon Lockhart (United States, born 1964) is a multimedia meditation on the achievements of Israeli dance composer and textile artist Noa Eshkol (Israel, 1924–2007). Since the 1990s, Lockhart has memorialized specific, quotidian moments in particular communities using film and photography. She discovered Eshkol’s groundbreaking work during a 2008 trip to Israel. Eshkol is best known for developing in the 1950s, with architect Avraham Wachman, the Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation (EWMN) system, which uses a combination of symbols and numbers to define the motion of any limb around its joint. Eshkol developed a dance practice based upon its simple structures. Lockhart filmed Eshkol’s aging students and a newer generation of dancers performing her choreography in an effort to bring her visionary work to light. Sharon Lockhart | Noa Eshkol, conceived as a two-person exhibition, presents Lockhart’s five-channel film installation and series of photographs of EWMN spherical models, together with a selection of Eshkol’s carpets, scores, drawings, and other archival materials.

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This exhibition was organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Initial support for Sharon Lockhart | Noa Eshkol came from The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles's Tel Aviv—Los Angeles Partnership.

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This exhibition is made possible through major gifts from Daniel Greenberg, Susan Steinhauser and The Greenberg Foundation; Audrey M. Irmas; Alice and Nahum Lainer; Drs. Rebecka and Arie Belldegrun; The Philip and Muriel Berman Foundation; and The Photographic Arts Council. Additional support was provided by Helgard Field-Lion and Irwin Field; Laura and Jim Maslon; and the Consulate General of Israel, Los Angeles.

Images: © Sharon Lockhart, 2011

Celebrating Circle (Wedding)
Noa Eshkol
Film Still from Five Dances and Nine Wall Carpets by Noa Eshkol
Sharon Lockhart
Sphere Four at Two Points in its Rotation
Sharon Lockhart
Umbrella Flower
Noa Eshkol

Sharon Lockhart and the Complex Life and Legacy of Noa Eshkol

Sharon Lockhart | Noa Eshkol, Los Angeles–based Sharon Lockhart’s most recent exhibition examining the life and legacy of Israeli dance composer Noa Eshkol, raises as many questions as it answers. Like an archeological excavation, the exhibition is an exercise in uncovering layers of meaning embedded in time. With each new layer that is peeled away, new mysteries surface...