Franz West, To Build a House You Start with the Roof: Work, 1972–2008

Ahmanson Building, Level 1
March 12, 2009–June 7, 2009

A figure of international stature whose work includes sculpture, installation, and design, Franz West appears in his most comprehensive form to date in this retrospective exhibition, with objects ranging from early interactive works from the 1970s to large installations comprised of bright aluminum and epoxy objects that dramatize their surroundings with bold colors and oversize scale. For the past three decades, West has played a critical role in contributing to developments in post-1965 art, redefining the possibilities of sculpture as a social and environmental experience. His manipulation of found materials, papier-mâché, and furniture leads to an art that is unlike any other in appearance and application. Distinctly European in its look and origins, West’s art is now decidedly global, with monumental works populating plazas throughout the world. Organized and circulated by the Baltimore Museum of Art, this exhibition seeks to reveal the history and position of this fascinating artist. Curator: Darsie Alexander, senior curator of contemporary art, Baltimore Museum of Art. Curator at LACMA: Stephanie Barron, senior curator of modern art.

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This exhibition was organized and is circulated by The Baltimore Museum of Art.

Generous support was provided by Constance R. Caplan, Andrew and Christine Hall, Aaron and Barbara Levine, and Lin Lougheed. Support for the Los Angeles presentation was provided by the Austrian Consulate General Los Angeles, Gagosian Gallery, Galerie Meyer Kainer, Steven Neu, Galerie Eva Presenhuber, and Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Rachofsky.

In-kind support provided by Austrian Airlines.

Image: Sisyphos IX, 2002, Papiermâché, Styrofoam, cardboard, lacquer, acrylic paint, 68.5 x 59.8 x 44.1 in. The Rachofsky Collection, Dallas, © Franz West.