Ettore Sottsass

Hammer Building, Level 2
March 12, 2006–June 11, 2006

Long recognized as a major figure in architecture and design, Ettore Sottsass, Jr., is celebrated internationally for his landmark contributions such as the first Italian calculator—the Elea 9003, the bright red poppy plastic Valentine typewriter, and mobile, multi-functional fiberglass furniture units of the 1970s. This exhibition will be a survey of his career, and will present the wide array of objects he has created: furniture, ceramics, glass, product design, silver, jewelry, and lighting. An exhibition of Sottsass' career in an American museum is long overdue, and LACMA is the ideal venue for such an exhibition as historically Los Angeles has attracted cutting edge architects and designers.

This exhibition was organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and was made possible by Max Palevsky. Curator is Ronald T. Labaco, assistant curator of Decorative Arts.

Image: Ettore Sottsass, in collaboration with Perry A King, Valentine portable typewriter, 1969, made by Olivertti, Oliverti S.p.A., all rights reserved, ABS plastic, metal, rubber, 4 ½ x 13 ½ x 14 in., LACMA, gift of Daniel Ostroff.