Donor Stories

Jean and Leon Enk

Leon and Jean Enk fell in love with art—and each other—when they enrolled in a humanities class at George Williams College in 1938. Many of their first dates were stolen dinner breaks at the Art Institute of Chicago. “I was working at a settlement house and Leon worked at the YMCA,” Jean recalled recently. “We’d meet up for dinner at the museum and take a docent tour, then we’d each go back to work.” As their enthusiasm for art grew... Read more.

Sandra and Carl Korn

Art was a keystone of Dr. Carl S. Korn’s life. While a doctor by training, Carl recognized that art had the power to cultivate well-rounded, curious individuals whose contributions would benefit diverse fields. Born in Canada in 1937, Carl moved to Los Angeles with his parents as a young child. He would visit LACMA—back when it was still part of the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art—with his father, who instilled in him a deep appreciation of arts and culture... Read more.

Nivea D'Alberto Wall Messerschmidt

Nivea Messerschmidt admired the Watts Towers throughout her life.  Her interest in the work piqued when she read about the monumental sculpture in a 2011 newspaper article discussing LACMA’s efforts to develop a long-term preservation strategy for the work. Nivea’s affinity for the Towers was not only based on aesthetics and a sense of place—she identified with their artist, Simon Rodia, who was also an immigrant from Italy... Read more.

Marian Moule

Jim Moule was taking in the LACMA exhibition California Design, 1930–1965: Living in a Modern Way when a video near the end of the exhibition caught his eye; it was a promotional video made in 1956 for the Pasadena Art Museum’s second annual California design exhibition. The short commercial profiled three designers featured in the exhibition—Sam Maloof, La Gardo Tackett, and Jim’s mother, Marian Moule... Read more.