Resources for Educators

Resources for Educators

Grade-Level Curriculum

LACMA has developed curriculum materials in conjunction with Art Programs with the Community: LACMA On-Site. The creation of the curriculum reflects the museum's desire to provide teachers with resources to enhance their visual arts instruction. All the curriculum materials are based on works of art in LACMA's permanent collection and were developed in alignment with California State Content Standards.

Kindergarten (PDF | 809kb) 5th Grade (PDF | 1.04mb)
1st Grade (PDF | 796kb) 6th Grade (PDF | 1.29mb)
2nd Grade (PDF | 744kb) 7th Grade (PDF | 110mb)
3rd Grade (PDF | 1.66mb) 8th Grade (PDF | 789kb)
4th Grade (PDF | 999kb)  

Thematic Curriculum

Search for curriculum materials by topic, such as Building STEAM and Cross-Cultural Exchange. Essays, artwork reproductions, lessons plans, and resources are available through LACMA's quarterly professional development series Evenings for Educators.

Artwork Reproductions

Visit LACMA's encyclopedic collections website. Browse permanent collection holdings by curatorial area or chronology, with access to artwork descriptions, image reproductions, and more.

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