Project Report

Interim Report

November 2000

The following list of works represents the results of an interim report on LACMA's research on the provenance of paintings in its departments of Modern and Contemporary Art and European Paintings and Sculpture. The presence of a painting on this list does not identify it as having been looted or illegally traded. It does indicate, however, that the work has been connected to a collection that was known to have been confiscated or to individuals reported by the OSS to have been involved with the transfer of objects to the Nazis. The list identifies those paintings for which LACMA has not found sufficient evidence, despite extensive research, to resolve all questions of ownership.


  1. Angelica Kauffmann, Half-length Portrait of the Duchess of Courland, 1785.
  2. Jan Mandyn, Saint Christopher and the Christ Child, c. 1550.
  3. Moretto da Brescia, Saint John the Baptist in the Wildernessc. 1535.
  4. Giovanni Battista Piazzetta, The Guardian Angel, c. 1717-1718 .
  5. Maurice de Vlaminck, Portrait of Guillaume Apollinaire, c. 1904/05.

The current list represents only a report on the museum's research, not the conclusion. LACMA’s goal is to document fully and make readily available to the public comprehensive information about all of the works in the collection. To this end, research on the provenance of paintings, focused on those with gaps in their histories, will continue and extend to other areas of the collection. LACMA will update this list and may remove or add objects as indicated by further research.


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