"In Still Life"

The original van Beyeren still life is situated next to an empty frame into which a video image of the same painting is projected. A computer workstation at the back of the room allows a visitor to view the two images on the wall while rearranging and/or removing objects in the projected still life, altering the video image. The room functions as a computer studio/theater with seating for visitors to watch the digital transformation in process. Throughout the process, the visitor is focused entirely on a single painting, observing it in both its original and altered states. The visitor can print their variation on the painting and take it home, or e-mail the image from the gallery.

LACMA object:

Abraham van Beyeren
Banquet Still Life, 1667
Oil on canvas
Gift of The Ahmanson Foundation
Photo ©2001 Museum Associates/LACMA, M.86.96

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