Kenny Scharf
"Closet #19"

The artist has created a "Scharf Closet" with found objects covering the interior surface, painted fluorescent, and glowing under blacklights. With music playing, a disco ball turning, and silver beanbags, the interior space serves as a total immersion experience as well as a place to sit and relax. Next to it is a second, identical 'closet', albeit empty. This interior functions as a studio, with visitors painting found objects and placing them on shelves, filling the void. The exterior of each closet resembles a cartoonish suburban house with a face painted on the front and visitors entering through the mouth. A painted path connects the two and the 'front yard' extends into the art studio. The Warhol Boxes are on display on the roofs of the closets, the Merrild is displayed on the side wall of the kids' closet, and the Kienholz is displayed in a vitrine so that visitors are able to see it from all sides. The permanent collection objects may elicit a "my kid can do that!" reaction. The visitors' own versions of the permanent collection objects are displayed next to the originals, further incorporating studio activities into the installation.

LACMA object:

Knud Merrild
Flux Bouquet, 1947
Oil on Masonite
Gift of Dr. William R. Valentiner
Photo ©2001 Museum Associates/LACMA, 51.14

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