Academy @ LACMA

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences continues its ongoing partnership with the Los Angeles County of Museum of Art with regular screenings in LACMA’s Bing Theater, including our Tuesday matinee series.

In conjunction with the exhibition Haunted Screens: German Cinema in the 1920s, Friday nights in November has the Academy presenting double features spotlighting the work of director Edgar G. Ulmer, who first made his mark as a designer and director in German cinema before moving to Hollywood to work as a director in a remarkable variety of genres. Our three Ulmer evenings include his classic low-budget noir Detour, the Yiddish-language romance The Light Ahead, and the chilling Karloff-Lugosi team-up The Black Cat.

For the Saturday-night series, "The Perfect Match: Hollywood Costume Collaborations" presents two double-feature screenings spotlighting contemporary partnerships between directors and costume designers, along with conversations moderated by Hollywood Costume curator Deborah Nadoolman Landis. Oscar-winning costume designer Mark Bridges joins one of the double features showing the work of filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson—the unsettling romantic comedy Punch-Drunk Love and the epic There Will Be Blood. Plus, Jeffrey Kurland joins an evening featuring two of the 15 films he designed for Woody Allen, their collaboration represented by Kurland’s Oscar-nominated period designs for Bullets over Broadway and the contemporary looks of Allen’s multi–Oscar winner Hannah and Her Sisters.

For three Monday nights, the Academy hosts events spotlighting the art of the costume designer. "The Costume of Silent Drama: Mary Pickford and Little Annie Rooney" feature a world-premiere restoration of one of the silent star’s beloved films. "Defining Character: The Art of the Costume Designer" presents top contemporary costume designers in person to discuss their own work and as well as the designers that have inspired them. Film historian Serge Bromberg hosts "The Costume of Silent Comedy: Charlie Chaplin and the Tramp Restored," a one-of-a-kind show full of stories, behind-the-scenes footage, restoration samples, and never-before-exhibited documents to explore the evolution of one cinema’s most iconic figures.

Academy @ LACMA events are held at the Bing Theater at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, located at 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, 90036.

Presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 

 The Perfect Match: Hollywood Costume Collaborations

 After Expressionism: The Versatile Edgar G. Ulmer

 A New Career in a New Town: Weimar Directors in Berlin and Hollywood


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