Southern Asian Art Council

Southern Asian Art Council

The vast geographic area represented by the activities of the Southern Asian Art Council ranges from India, through Pakistan and greater South Asia, the Himalayas, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia, spanning the earliest civilizations to the art and culture of today. LACMA's collection is the most comprehensive in the Western Hemisphere; it possesses one of the top collections in the country of Mughal and Rajput paintings and of early Himalayan painting and sculpture. The SAAC strives to foster an understanding and scholarship about the diverse arts and cultures of the region through scholarly lectures, curator-led museum visits, and periodic guided tours to major monuments and art centers in countries such as Burma (Myanmar), India, and Thailand. The SAAC also helps support the department's exhibitions and acquisitions so that the rich artistic heritage of South and Southeast Asia can be better appreciated in Southern California. 

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Unknown artist, Kunwar Sabal Singhji, c. 1880-1900, Southern Asian Art Council.