Egyptian Art Dynasties and Time Periods Arab

Dynasties and Time Periods in Ancient Egypt Art



Predynastic Period (5550–3100 BCE)

Early Dynastic Period, 1st–2nd Dynasty (3050–2687 BCE)

Old Kingdom Dynasty, 3rd–6th Dynasty (2687–2191 BCE)

First Intermediate Period, 7th–11th Dynasty (2191–2061 BCE)

Middle Kingdom, late 11th–14th Dynasty (2061–1665 BCE)

Second Intermediate Period, 15th–17th Dynasty (1665–1569 BCE)

New Kingdom, 18th–20th Dynasty (1569–1081 BCE)

Third Intermediate Period, 21st–23rd Dynasty (1081–711 BCE)

Late Period, 24th–31st Dynasty (711-333 BCE)

Ptolemaic Period (332–31 BCE)

Roman Period (31 BCE–337 CE)

Byzantine Period (337–642 CE)

Arab Conquest (642 CE)


Arab Conquest (642 CE) 

From 500 to 1000 CE Byzantine, Sassanian, and Arab armies competed for Egyptian control. Each managed to rule for a brief period. In 642 CE armies under the Arab Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab conquered Egypt. The military garrison they built later became part of the city of Cairo and was established as the first mosque in Egypt, marking the introduction of Islamic culture and religion in Egypt.

—Amber Myers Wells, (2006)