This photo was taken back on April 19, 2008. That night, my fiancée and I went out and she simply told me to bring my camera. I had no idea where we were going until we arrived at Wilshire Boulevard. She knew it would be a subject I would enjoy shooting, and obviously she was right.
On that night I was lucky to have a full moon that rose during the time we were there to be just high enough in the sky to fit into the same frame with the lamps. The moon is a subject that I always enjoy shooting, so to be able to combine the two elements during a very specific window of time was particularly fortunate.
The photo will always remind me of not only how lucky I was to be there at the right time, but of how lucky I am to be with someone who would take me there.
Doug Hein
Long Beach, California
Winner of LACMA’s
Celebrating Urban Light competition