Explore short video features, including artist interviews, talks with director Michael Govan, and exhibition previews.

Artist, Carolina Caycedo, gives a walkthrough of her artist book Serpent River Book. She demonstrates how the book is folded into this serpent-shaped object, explains the meaning behind the visuals she chose, and shows the map that inspired this project. This artwork is on view in the exhibition A Universal History of Infamy. 

The artist talks about his work on the occasion of Contemporary Projects 12: Robin Rhode, March 11, 2010--June 6, 2010.

LACMA CEO and Wallis Annenberg Director, Michael Govan talks with Ford Foundation President, Darren Walker about civic engagement and the power of art and creative expression to transform communities. In 2016, TIME Magazine named Walker one of “The 100 Most Influential People” for moving one of the nation’s largest foundations toward the goal of conquering inequality. The Ford Foundation’s efforts to dispel inequity range from reducing mass incarceration to promoting social justice storytelling through art, film, and investigative journalism. The discussion touched on a range of the Foundation’s initiatives as well as the ways art and artists are becoming catalysts in transforming cities and communities.

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This video covers the recent and more distant history of an eighteenth-century period room and its remarkable journey from Damascus to Los Angeles. It documents a four-year long process of study and conservation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Now restored, the room exudes a kind of grace, warmth and beauty, which is in keeping with its original function as a place for welcoming guests.

In the early morning hours just before dawn on March 10th, 2012, the transporter carrying the megalith used to create Michael Heizer's Levitated Mass at LACMA arrived at the museum. The transporter traveled through four counties (Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and Los Angeles) and 22 cities in a carefully orchestrated journey that attracted thousands of bystanders. At 340 tons, the boulder is one of the largest moved since ancient times.


LACMA hosted a free community weekend to celebrate the opening of the new exhibition pavilion in October, 2010.

A look into the galleries of Home–So Different, So Appealing, an exhibition featuring the work of U.S. Latino and Latin American artists who have used the deceptively simple idea of "home" as a powerful lens through which to view the profound socioeconomic and political transformations in the hemisphere. 

Frame x Frame: Reimagining the Everyday is a tour and digital animation workshop for seventh grade students. Teaching Artists lead students on a tour of the collection, analyzing how artists have transformed ordinary objects in unexpected ways. Following the tour, students visit the studio where they re-imagine everyday items by combining the traditional art of drawing with technology. Learn more.