Art of the Ancient Americas


Art of the Ancient Americas

Art of the Americas Building, Level 4: Artworks on view

Housed in colorful galleries designed by the contemporary artist Jorge Pardo, the Ancient Americas collection features, among other things, ceramic funerary offerings from the West Mexican states of Nayarit, Colima, and Jalisco; exquisite Maya vessels from Mexico and Guatemala; jade masks produced by Olmec artists on the Gulf Coast; and stunning ceramics from the ancient chiefdoms of Panama and Colombia

Mexico, Jalisco

Drinking Vessel
Mexico, Southern Campeche, Maya
c. 600–800
Standing Male Figure
Mexico, Campeche, Jaina, Maya
c. 600–800
Mexico, Nayarit
c. 1350–1500
Vessel with Hummingbird Rattle
Mexico, Oaxaca, Zapotec

A Tour with the Director

. . . As we left the Director’s Lounge and headed up to our first stop at the pre-Columbian galleries, the relationship between, and relevance to, ancient art and the future was immediately clear in Jorge Pardo’s installation design for the Art of the Ancient Americas galleries....

Taking a Break with Otherworldly Toad, Jaguar, and Serpent

I am fortunate to work directly below the galleries in the Art of the Americas Building at LACMA. In rare instances of downtime (or even when I just need a little break), I climb the stairs to the fourth floor, home of our permanent collection of Latin American art. These galleries never get old to me because they contain an astonishing range of art in terms of both time and space...