2008 (final)

Acquisition Highlights—2008

LACMA is committed to enhancing its comprehensive collection and each year acquires works of art from a wide range of cultures and historical periods.


The Cathedral                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Antonio de Espinosa



American Indian Ceramics



Qajar Series


The Illegal Operation

Pair of Guardian Animals


Street Corner, Brick Building (Esquina, edificio de ladrillo)


Carved and Incised Box with Images of Creator Deities


Madonna and Child in a Landscape


Miracles of Saint Salvador de Horta (Milagros del beato Salvador de Horta)


No-Tin (Wind), a Chippewa Chief


The Divine Shepherdess (La divina pastora)


Afrum (White)


The Snyders Triptych